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North Fork Flathead River

Wild Writer Douglas H. Chadwick

  October 2, 2013.  Doug Chadwick reflected for a moment and then had to agree: he's been around long enough and written enough about the North Fork Flathead that some of his writings qualify as

Congress Daines Introduces North Fork Bill

  Congressman Breaks Legislative Deadlock for North Fork Flathead  House Version of "Watershed Protection Act" May Help Secure Ultimate Passage.  June 6, 2013.  As promised in late May, Congressman Daines has introduced his House version of the "North Fork Watershed Protection Act" that would ban mining and energy development on the Glacier View Ran

Wildlife Research Continues in North Fork Flathead

  (Photo: Clint Mulhfeld)  -  "North Fork Interlocal" Discusses ongoing Federal and State Activities - Twice a year - in July and February -  interested residents of the North Fork River and Flathead valleys and state and federal land and wildlife agencies personnel get together to keep in touch at the North Fork Interlocal.  The latest Interlocal meeting was held last Wednesday at the Glacier Park Community Center.  Over 50
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