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Whitefish Range Photo by Steven Gnam Photography

  Whitefish Range First Snow, October 2013

  A Tributary to the North Fork Flathead River, October 2013


The Mount Thompson Seton Mule Ride (July 2013)

  The Four Amigos on Mount Thompson Seton, Whitefish Range, Montana (l-r): John Frederick, Larry Wilson, Frank Vitale, and Bob Brown. (July 2013)

  Larry Wilson and Frank Vitale on the summit of Mount Thompson Seton. (July 2013)

  Bob Brown on Mount Thompson Seton in the Whitefish Range, Montana.  (July 2013)

  Larry Wilson on Doc, one of Frank Vitale's calm and sturdy mules.

  View from the top of Mount Thompson Seton, Whitefish Range, Montana.  (July 2013)

  The 2013 Mount Thompson Seton crew (l-r): Dave Hadden, Frank Vitatle, Amy Robinson, John Frederick, Debo Powers, Bob Brown, Dale Duff, Larry Wilson, Ted Forkum, Rich Marriott.

  Lincoln's Sparrow Photo: Steve Gnaidek.

  Prairie Crocus/Pasque Flower  Photo: Wendy Francis. 

  Mount Haig  Photo: Peter Wood

  A Turquoise Lake at the base of Mount Haig  Photo: Peter Wood

  Haig Brook Canyon, a tributary of the Canadian Flathead River  Photo: Peter Wood

  Sammy (the Dog) Photo: Robyn Duncan (owner of Sammy)

  Joe Riis' Griz  Photo: Joe Riis/iLCP