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Quiet! Glacier Coalition

  May 25, 2016.  Headwaters Montana is pleased to be associated with the recently formed Quiet! Glacier Coalition. Quiet! Glacier formed to take on the increasing sound pollution in Glacier National Park originating from recreational helicopter overflights and those modified motorcycles that roar up the Going to the Sun Road.

Identified years ago as the number one complaint of visitors, the National Park Service hasn't addressed the noise pollution issue for various reasons. 

While helicopters remain a vital tool for emergency and park management needs, the heavy use of these machines to guide sight seers over the park cannot be justified.

In Glacier, less that one (1) percent of visitors take recreational sight seeing helicopter tours. Yet this one percent drastically impacts the natural soundscape for the remaining 99 percent. Sound familiar?! 

We'll let the Coalition's website speak for itself. However, we encourage you to sign their petition and join this community effort to restore quiet to Glacier. You can also read the Flathead Beacon article published May 10.