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Whitefish Range Partnership MAP

  April 15, 2014. Headwaters Montana and the Montana Wilderness Association have jointly published a new map of the Whitefish Range that celebrates the accomplishment of the Whitefish Range Partnership. The map gives an artistic representation of the 300,000 acres between Whitefish and Columbia Falls and the Canadian-US boundary. Columbia Falls based graphic artist Jennifer Golan developed the concept with us to produce this commemorative map. The Whitefish Range is a special place to many people, locals and visitors alike. The Whitefish Range Partnership produced a comprehensive Agreement in November of 2013 that contained specific management recommendations on a range of national forest issues. Observers of national forest management called it a 'breakthrough' and a 'major accomplishment' when the Agreement was presented to the Flathead National Forest. The Partnership represented people from diverse backgrounds, interests, and even different places from across the U.S. Snowmobilers sat with wilderness advocates who talked with timber company reps who shared their ideas with North Fork land owners, horse packers, mountain bikers, Kootenai Indians, skiers, hikers, backpackers, and others. It took over 13 months of cordial and constructive dialogue to work out a concept for how the Whitefish Range might be managed under a new Flathead National Forest forest management plan that is now under development. Former Montana Secretary of State and Whitefish resident Bob Brown chaired the sessions, bringing with him the expectation that folks would talk out their differences and come to an agreement in about a year's time. Bob's leadership was essential and the group stuck to the one year time frame. The Partnership plans to stay engaged throughout the forest planning process, primarily by providing comments and attending meetings to advocate for the package of management recommendations contained in the Whitefish Range Partnership Agreement. You can too by providing your comments to the Flathead National Forest at the appropriate time. Headwaters Montana will begin providing you with updates on this important process and provide on-line tools to help you deliver your comment to the Flathead National Forest. Please Stay Tuned! ###