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Something You Can Get Behind

    If you've been waiting for the right time to engage on Climate Change, then you are not alone.  The Forward on Climate Flathead Valley rallies have been designed just for you.
The three Forward on Climate rallies in the Flathead Valley are scheduled to coincide with the national March on Washington on Sunday, February 17. The same-day rallies will be held at noon in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Bigfork.
Here are the Locations:
  • Kalispell: Depot Park at the corner of Center Street and Main, Noon
  • Whitefish: Corner of 2nd Street and Spokane Avenue, Noon
  • Bigfork: Harvest Foods roadside along Hwy 35

Grab your family, call your friends, make a sign, dress in bright colors and head down to one of these locations!  Consider it just one more fun, religious exercise for this Sunday: this time for the Earth and all Her children.

Make your voice heard and help President Obama start his second term with strong climate action. He talked the talk during his Inaugural Speech. Now it's time for the United States as a global leader to walk the talk.
State and National Impact
Our Flathead rallies will call upon Montana leaders and President Obama to take three steps to begin addressing the mounting challenge of climate change:
  • Recognize climate reality in Montana: The Montana Legislature must pass House Joint Resolution 10 stating that climate change is scientifically valid and primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Wednesday, Feb. 13 is the initial hearing on the resolution introduced by Rep. Doug Coffin of Missoula. Click here to see Rep. Coffin's resolution.
  • Protect ranchers' private property rights in Tongue River: The proposed Otter Creek mine, a massive open-pit coal mine in southeastern Montana, should not be permitted. And the federal power of condemnation must not be allowed to seize ranchers' private land to build the Tongue River Railroad to export Montana coal to China. Federal powers of land confiscation should be allowed only when it's clearly in the public interest, and that is not the case with exporting Montana coal to China. Citizens are urged to submit comments on the Otter Creek mine by the March 6 comment deadline.
  • Stop Tar Sands Pipeline: The Keystone pipeline carrying high-pollution tar sands to the Gulf of Mexico should not be built through Montana. Click here to learn more about the Keystone XL pipeline.
Climate change is not just another issue. Rather, it is the issue that threatens to swamp all others during the lifetime of many young people living today.
Need More Convincing to Show Up?
Dr. James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist recorded this TED talk.  He will persuade you to "speak out against climate change" as no other can.
So mark your calendars for this Sunday, noon, on February 17, make a sign, wear bright warm clothing,  turn out and have a good time with your family, friends and neighbors.  We'll see you there!
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