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Legislation and Government Action

Going to the Sun Road Corridor Management Plan "Proposed Action" - Spring 2015

Glacier National Park is proposing to address overcrowding, resource impacts, and visitor experience on the Going to the Sun Road corridor.  This document outlines the range of proposals that the Park will explore in an environmental impact statement (EIS).  The comment period ended May 20, 2015.  Headwaters Montana submitted formal comments.  Read them here....

Senate Bill 255, the "North Fork Watershed Protection Act of 2013"

Sentators Baucus and Tester introduced S. 233 in 2011.  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee failed to act.  Senators Baucus and Tester reintroduced the bill in February 2013 as S. 255 under the same name.

Bill 2, the "Flathead Area Conservation Act of 2011", B.C. legislation signed February 2011 \

This British Columbia, Canada, legislation bans mining and heavy industrial development the entire Flathead River watershed in B.C., an area of about 400,000 acres.  This legislation culminates almost a decade of effort to block industrial development that would devastate the internation Flathead River watershed and Flathead Lake.

The Historic B.C. - Montana MOU, signed February 18, 2010

This document represents 35 years of effort to prevent mountaintop-removal coal strip mining of the Canadian headwaters of the North Fork Flathead River.  The MOU was completed by B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer in February 2010.  Every governor of Montana from 1975 until 2010, republican and democrat, had tried to negotiate such a framework.  The document commits both jurisdictions to legislate a ban on mining and energy development within the watershed.  While the MOU does not have the force of law, it does contain considerable moral imperative.  The MOU was achieved after a concerted ten-year effort by conservation groups, including Headwaters Montana, to pressure the B.C. government to agree to a development ban.

Other Measures and Actions

  • The Montana Land Board imposed a "No Surface Occupancy" stipulation on any future mineral development under state lands within the watershed.  This stipulation must be moved to a legislated ban or a transfer of the state owned mineral into U.S. federal ownership and then removed from future leasing opportunity.
  • The Whitefish Range needs additional legislated protection to protect the International Wildlife Corridor that runs from the town of Whitefish to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
  • Working with our Canadian partners, Headwaters Montana advocates for the doubling in size of Waterton Lakes National Park creating a new Canadian national park in the Flathead River watershed in BC.  Total area would be approximately 100,000 acres and would fill in the "missing piece" of Waterton Park.


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