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Kootenai National Forest Planning

Yaak River and western larch in fall. Yaak Valley Montana, by Randy Beacham

Headwaters Montana follows the management of the Kootenai National Forest (KNF).  While our primary focus is on the northwest corner of the 2.2 million acre national forest (the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area and Whitefish Divide country) we are also engaged in the forest management plan revision.  The files listed below document our concerns and involvement in the revision process.

As of December 1, 2013, the KNF has issued a final environmental information statement (FEIS) and Draft Record of Decision concerning the revision of the KNF land management plan.  The formal 'objection period' closed on November 26.  HW's objected to sic specific elements of the revised forest plan.  We objected to these elements in three separate objection letters. 

  • The inadequacy of the wilderness assessment
  • The removal of the Ten Lakes WSA from 'recommended wilderness'
  • The removal of 7,500 acres of the Whitefish Range from 'recommended wilderness'
  • The loss of quiet recreation (non-motorized) acreage across the forest
  • The over-allocation of motorized sports across the forest (85% allocated to summer and over snow motorized activity)
  • The inadequacy of the wild and scenic river assessment

Our objection letters are as follows:

  • Joint letter on recommended wilderness and the KNF wilderness assessment filed with Montana Wilderness Association and the Wilderness Society.  (This is a 20mb file.  If you wish to download this file more efficiently, please call the office at 406-837-0783 and we can arrange to provide a copy via Dropbox.  Thank you!)
  • Joint letter on wildlife connectivity filed with Defenders of Wildlife
  • HW letter on wild and scenic river assessment and 'eligibility' recommendations

~ Thank you for your interest in the KNF