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Jack Potter Award

The Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award

Thank you for your interest in the “Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award”

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All nominations must be mailed by October 31 of each year.

The award will be made each year that a suitable nomination is made.  This is a cash award.  The board of directors of Headwaters Montana makes the final determination for the award.  The board's decision is final. 


List of Recipients

  • 2012 - Joyce Lapp, Columbia Falls, Montana, for her educational and outreach work and leadership on the Going to the Sun Road restoration effort
  • 2013 -  The Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates (GNPVA) for the group's decades of service to Glacier National Park
  • 2014 - Park Ranger Brad Blickhan for putting the defense of Glacier Park's natural resources first
  • 2015 - Lisa Bate of Bigfork, as a Park scientist for using wits and dedication to bring new understanding to Glacier's natural wonders
  • 2016 - Mary T. McClelland, West Glacier, Montana - for her defense of Quiet! Glacier

Open Letter to the Protectors of Glacier National Park

Dear Glacier Park Enthusiast!

Thank you for your interst in the Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award.

Jack Potter retired from Glacier National Park in May of 2011 after 40 years of public service.  Jack ended his career in the position of Chief of Science and Resource Management at Glacier National Park.

During his tenure, Jack - to list only a very few of his many accomplishments - kept bulldozers out of creeks, pressed for helicopter overflight restrictions, played a key role in writing the park’s current general management plan, advocated for and got the NPS to recommend congressional wilderness designation for the park’s backcountry, and played a key role in getting the 2009 UNESCO investigation to  recommend the Waterton - Glacier World Heritage site as ‘in danger’ unless British Columbia banned mining in the headwaters of the North Fork Flathead River.  Jack considered this last accomplishment his biggest.  

Jack’s actions stand out as lasting contributions to the natural and cultural integrity of Glacier National Park.  Jack’s record demonstrates exceptional public service.

Headwaters Montana announced established this  annual award in Jack’s name to honor anyone who went beyond the call of duty to protect or enhance Glacier’s natural resources.  This award - the Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award - would be a cash award made annually if the award criteria are met in that year.  The award is intended to help keep Glacier’s employees and advocates working hard to maintain and restore Glacier’s natural integrity.

Headwaters Montana awarded the first Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award in the fall of 2012.

We commend everyone for working to keep Glacier National Park the crown jewel in the Crown of the Continent. 





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