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Wilderness Goals

Our Wilderness Goals

Headwaters Montana supports Wilderness designation for roadless lands on the Kootenai and Flathead National Forests.  
Our current active wilderness project covers the Whitefish and Galton Ranges of N.W.Montana. Proposed Wilderness consist of:

  • The Ten Lakes WSA (Wilderness Study Area), located near Eureka, Montana, and the Whitefish Range
  • The “Whitefish Range Wilderness” consisting of Tuchuck, Thompson Seton and Hefty Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs).

Fortine resident Winton Weydemeyer first proposed this area for wilderness designation in 1925 (40 years before the Wilderness Act was passed in 1964) when it consisted of 485,000 acres of roadless lands. The combined area of our proposed wilderness is about 171,000 acres. 

The photos in the Web link below are representative of the landscape of the proposed Wilderness area. We ask that you support Headwaters Montana’s effort to have this land protected Wilderness by joining us here.

Photos of proposed Wilderness area