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Headwaters Montana's Transboundary Project

The Transboundary Region

In the lower 48 states, only one region retains the rich diversity of plants and wildlife today that it had over 200 years ago. It’s our very own Transboundary Flathead region. 

This special place straddles the U.S. - Canada border and includes the Flathead & Elk river valleys. Its melting snow supplies billions of gallons of fresh water, feeding the rivers and lakes that deliver our regional economic good fortunes.

This ecological gem is also among the most important landscapes in North America - because it is a place of such rare ecological intactness.  The Transboundary Flathead stands as the last, wildest valley in the Lower 48 states.  It is also threatened by climate change, increasing human population, and energy exploitation.

Headwaters Montana actively fights threats that would compromise this region water, wildlife or traditional outdoor heritage.

You can join the effort to protect the Wild Flathead by joining donating to Headwaters Montana and joining "Friends of the Flathead".

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