Headwaters Launches Wilderness Bumper Stickers

Bigfork, MT.  July 12, 2011.  Headwaters Montana intends to turn people's heads with a new bumper sticker series designed to help people connect what they love with where it came from.  If you love clean water you drink then you're bound to love the wilderness from which it came.  If you love the cutthroat trout that fin their way up our wild Montana rivers, then you no doubt love the wilderness from which cutthroat DNA evolved. 

Wildlife Conservation Society Releases New Report on Montana Roadless Lands

The renowned Wildlife Conservation Society released in June a monograph titled, "Conservation Values of Roadless Areas for Vulnerable Fish and Wildlife Species in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, Montana" by Dr. John Weaver. The report details the ecological values of roadless land throughout the Crown ecosystem. We note in particular the section on the North Fork Flathead River watershed.  The full report can be found here.

The Wildlife Conservation Society

Senate Bill 233, "North Fork Watershed Protection Act of 2011"

Karen Nichols Photograph

(Photo by Karen Nichols).  Though introduced in February, Headwaters Montana continues to watch the progress of Senate Bill 233, the "North Fork Watershed Protection Act of 2011".  The legislation is identical to the bill introduced by senators Baucus and Tester last year.  Congress failed to act on that earlier bill.  We look forward to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voting on this bill in August.

The original press release for this legislation:


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