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Glacier National Park

Winner of the 2014 Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award

  January 23, 2015.  It gives us great pleasure to announce the recipient of  the 2014 recipient of the Jack Potter Glacier National Park Stewardship Award established to help promote stewardship of Glacier Park's spectacular natural resources.  This year, Headwaters Montana selected Park Ranger Brad Blickhan.  [Please read more...]

Here's what the nominator said about Brad Blickhan:

Volunteers Needed at Glacier Park's Logan Pass

The Job's Not Done:

Volunteers Needed to Help Double the Size of Waterton Lakes National Park and Complete the World's First Peace Park

Jack Potter, Glacier Park's Conscience, Retires

Photo of Jack Potter in NPS 'Issue'
On May 2 of this year, Jack Potter retired after 41 years with Glacier National Park, one of the few National Park Service employees to spend his entire professional career in one place.  To many of us on the ‘outside’ of Glacier’s internal operations, Jack has been the conscience of the bureaucracy for Glacier’s safekeeping.  The future challenges and threats facing Glacier are many and  Jack’s vigilance and integrity will be hard to replace.  It is fairl to ask, “Who will be the next Jack Potter for Glacier?" 


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