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Headwaters Launches Wilderness Bumper Stickers

Bigfork, MT.  July 12, 2011.  Headwaters Montana intends to turn people's heads with a new bumper sticker series designed to help people connect what they love with where it came from.  If you love clean water you drink then you're bound to love the wilderness from which it came.  If you love the cutthroat trout that fin their way up our wild Montana rivers, then you no doubt love the wilderness from which cutthroat DNA evolved. 

Everyone seems to love the Griz: there's a Grizzly Motors, there's the Grizzly Security, Grizzly Property Management, and by-gosh, there's THE Griz, as in the University of Montana football and basketball teams!  (Don't forget the Lady Griz, either!)

You would think everyone loved the Griz and the wilderness from which it springs and upon which it surely depends to survive in this human-dominated 21st Centruy.

What not to love about wilderness?  We owe our very existence to the wilds.  Not just Montana's wild but the Earth's wild.  But here at Headwaters Montana we're busy protecting Montana's remaining 3 percent wilderness and its remaining 6 percent Roadless Lands.  It's all of truly wild nature we still have.

You can pick up a bumper sticker at many Flathead Valley business.  Or you can call the office, and, for a small donation, we'll mail you one.

Thank YOU for loving wilderness and voting, working and playing to protect where it all comes from.