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Do You Hear Logan Pass Calling You?

  LET'S COMPLETE THE PEACE PARKDo you have a day you can give to History?  Summer 2012 is sizing up to be the summer that tips the balance in favor of "Completing Waterton-Glacier Peace Park" by doubling the size of Waterton Lakes National Park into the British Columbia Flathead River Valley. The BC government could move to approve the expansion in early 2013.

This will be our third season of tabling at Logan Pass. You can help achieve this historic goal by volunteering for a day (or more) at Logan Pass in Glacier Park to help pass out informational brochures and help build public support.

Headwaters Montana is a key team member of the Flathead Wild Campaign. The Campaign focus for the summer of 2012 is to add 5,000 names to our "Friends of the Flathead" list. We currently have over 10,000 Friends of the Flathead.  Friends of the Flathead is the public support group that wishes to see the southeast one third of the BC Flathead River Valley added to Waterton Lakes National Park. Adding the Flathead Valley will "Complete, Protect, and Connect" both Waterton Park and the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

This is a fun 'assignment'.  People visiting Logan Pass are very positive and the 'get' the call to complete the park in an instant.  It's a no-brainer.  See if you can spot the 'Missing Piece' in the map below.

Still we need to do the outreach to enlist supporters from around the continent and the world to support completing the world's first peace park.

How do you sign up?  That's easy!

  • Email Headwaters Montana here. Or call Dave at 406-837-0783
  • Our schedule is quite flexible. We have most of July and August to table at Logan. A date that works for you will probably work for us.
  • When you volunteer, you will be paired with an experienced volunteer, so you won't be out there on your own.
  • We generally arrive at Logan Pass at 9am and depart at 4pm. This means arriving at the park entrance at about 7am.
  • Please call a friend and have them join you!  The more the merrier and the more people you can sign up!

Are you a Friend of the Flathead yet? If not, please sign up here!

Find the "Missing Piece" of Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park below:

Find a downloadable version of the above map here.