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Congress Daines Introduces North Fork Bill

  Congressman Breaks Legislative Deadlock for North Fork Flathead  House Version of "Watershed Protection Act" May Help Secure Ultimate Passage.  June 6, 2013.  As promised in late May, Congressman Daines has introduced his House version of the "North Fork Watershed Protection Act" that would ban mining and energy development on the Glacier View Ranger District of the North Fork Flathead River.  The bill number is H.R. 2259.

Daines made his announcement today and stated,“Montanans are looking for bipartisan cooperation, and I think this is an example of our delegation working to do the right thing for Montana. I’m an avid sportsman. That heritage was passed on to me by my father and my grandfather, and I want to pass that on to my kids. This is looking out for the next generation.”
Headwaters Montana issued a statement to the press that said, "Today, Congressman Daines makes good on his recent promise to help resolve a long-standing issue of concern between Montana and British Columbia. This legislation demonstrates the strong, bi-partisan support that exists for protecting the North Fork Flathead watershed from inappropriate development.  It also signals to our British Columbia neighbors that Montanans are good for their word in balancing resource development and conservation across the international border.  We thank and commend Congressman Daines for listening to Flathead residents and acting on their behalf to protect a priceless watershed and the economy it supports.”
The legislation reflects the Senate version almost exactly.  At just about 200 words, this legislation is a model for directly addressing an issue while costing the taxpayer nothing.
If you'd like to read all 200-some words of the legislation, click here.
If you'd like to thank Congressman Daines for working in a bi-partisan spirit to complete legislation important to the Flathead community, please do so here.
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