Legislation, More Agreements Still Needed to Ensure Protection


The Missoulian, Saturday, February 26, 2011:  Now that the trans-boundary conference calls and Washington, D.C., hand-shaking sessions are over, a lot remains to finish in protecting the Flathead River between British Columbia and Montana.

$9.4 Million Secures B.C. Mining and Energy Ban in Headwaters

You've read the headlines in the local papers: the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC-US) have committed $9.4 million to the government of British Columbia to conclude the historic B.C. - Montana MOU signed in February of last year. As part of the deal, the B.C. will enact legislation banning the extraction of minerals, oil, gas, and coal within the watershed. From our point of view, this monetary transaction appears to seal the deal. Last year's MOU was a pencil check against mining and energy development in the headwaters.



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