Senate Bill 233, "North Fork Watershed Protection Act of 2011"

Karen Nichols Photograph

(Photo by Karen Nichols).  Though introduced in February, Headwaters Montana continues to watch the progress of Senate Bill 233, the "North Fork Watershed Protection Act of 2011".  The legislation is identical to the bill introduced by senators Baucus and Tester last year.  Congress failed to act on that earlier bill.  We look forward to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voting on this bill in August.

The original press release for this legislation:

Jack Potter, Glacier Park's Conscience, Retires

Photo of Jack Potter in NPS 'Issue'
On May 2 of this year, Jack Potter retired after 41 years with Glacier National Park, one of the few National Park Service employees to spend his entire professional career in one place.  To many of us on the ‘outside’ of Glacier’s internal operations, Jack has been the conscience of the bureaucracy for Glacier’s safekeeping.  The future challenges and threats facing Glacier are many and  Jack’s vigilance and integrity will be hard to replace.  It is fairl to ask, “Who will be the next Jack Potter for Glacier?" 

Legislation, More Agreements Still Needed to Ensure Protection


The Missoulian, Saturday, February 26, 2011:  Now that the trans-boundary conference calls and Washington, D.C., hand-shaking sessions are over, a lot remains to finish in protecting the Flathead River between British Columbia and Montana.


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