It's a Fact: National Monument Creation Rescue Local Economies

  Proponents of restricting presidential authority to create national monuments on federal land tried hard today during a congressional hearing to make the case that such land protections inhibit economic growth, but they ran headlong into a comprehensive economic study that clearly shows otherwise.

Despite Right-Wing Ignorance, National Monument Areas Show Strong Economic Growth

Congressman Rehberg: Stripping Protections from Montana's Roadless Lands

  When a person spends too much time in the Beltway, it begins to warp one’s vision.  Perhaps this explains some of the recent behavior of Congressman Denny Rehberg.

Mountain Biking: It's Fun But Trail User Conflicts on the Rise

Cartoon of Mountain Biker and Hiker Conflict

Mountain Biking:  It's Fun But Trail User Conflicts on the Rise

Most of us live in Northwest Montana because of the unparralled outdoor life available at our doorstep.  Access to National Forest public lands is a big part of our quality of life.  But what happens when we find our favorite Forest Service trails aren't quiet or safe any longer?  


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