Wildlife Research Continues in North Fork Flathead

  (Photo: Clint Mulhfeld)  -  "North Fork Interlocal" Discusses ongoing Federal and State Activities - Twice a year - in July and February -  interested residents of the North Fork River and Flathead valleys and state and federal land and wildlife agencies personnel get together to keep in touch at the North Fork Interlocal.  The latest Interlocal meeting was held last Wednesday at the Glacier Park Community Center.  Over 50

Something You Can Get Behind

    If you've been waiting for the right time to engage on Climate Change, then you are not alone.  The Forward on Climate Flathead Valley rallies have been designed just for you.

Members' Blog: Wolves & Unintended Consequences

   Recently, the Montana Legislature, in its seemingly infinite lack of wisdom, passed HB 73, a measure to allow more people to kill more wolves more easily, cheaply, and in more places – even right up to the doorsteps of Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.


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